6 Things that may happen after Nigeria loses 24 LGAs to the new country, Republic of Ambazonia.

It is no longer news that Nigeria is on the brink of losing 24 Local Councils to a new nation, the United Nations Organization (UNO) state of Cameroon by way of ceding.

According to the United Nations, Nigeria may lose 24 local council to a new state of Cameroon at its borders with la Republique du Cameroon by July 10, 2020. In a statement, the organization made a list of local councils that may leave Nigeria and they are: Bama, Gwoza, Ngala, Kala/Balge, Dikwa. Others include Madagali, Michika, Mubi North, Mubi South, Mayo/Belwa, Toungo, Ganye, Serti, Hong, Jada, Maiha and Jada councils.
Furthermore, Five local council in Borno State, seven in Taraba state, twelve in Adamawa State may be taken away from Nigeria to create the new country.
Ex- President of Nigeria, Former General Olusegun Obasanjo and Biya of Cameroon were called upon to sign documents concerning international boundaries.
The new country shall be known as The Republic of Ambazonia and it will be formed under treaties of United Nations Organization state of Cameroon. According to reports, the new country will be annexation of the English speaking part of the Northwest, Northern and Southwest Cameroon with the 24 local council Nigeria.
Below are the 6 things that may happen to Nigeria after the 24 local council cede the country to join Ambazonia.
(1). Nigeria’s population will reduce:
As it stands now, Nigeria’s population is extimated to be around 200,000,000. Popularly referred to as the giant of Africa, with millions of people in an area of 9 km2 (3.5 sq mi), and also the seventh largest population in the world, accordiing to Wikipedia.
With this new development, Nigeria’s population may not be the same. Nigeria has 774 local government area which is administered by a Local Government Council consisting of a chairman who ia the chief Executive of the Local Government Area.
Nigeria will cease to have 774 local government areas as from July 10, 2020. Henceforth, the country will have 750 LGAs as 24 will be taken away to form the new country, Ambazonia.
(2). Nigeria will create a new boundary:
Following the breakaway of the 24 local government area to form a new country, due to differences in cultural patterns, ethnicity, sense of identity, historical attachment, Nigeria may have to create boundaries with Ambazonia based on international relations.
These boundaries does not in any way restrict any of Ambazoñia’s citizens from entering Nigeria but it for territorial marking.
(3). An Ambazonian embassy will be established in Nigeria.
Dealings with the new country will be based on international laws, therefore, after the 24 LGAs leave Nigeria, a new embassy will be established in Nigeria and a Nigerian embassy will as well be established in Ambazonia.
(4). Nigeria’s map will be reviewed and edited.
It is only logical that since 24 local government council will be leaving nigeria, the map should be edited to exclude them from Nigeria.
(5). Nigerian Presidential aspirant may cease to be Nigerian.
Former Nigerian Vice President and a presidential aspirant will therefore cease to be a Nigerian, thus disqualifying for Presidency, since a vital criteria for presidency is that you must be a citizen of the country.
Atiku’s place of birth, JADA is among the local government councils leaving Nigeria to join some parts of Cameroon to form Ambazonia, therefore seize to be a Nigerian entity. Since Jada is among the 12 LGAs to breakaway, it means that those in the area will become Ambazonians.
(6). People from the area will move to Ambazonia for census.
There will be a census in the new country so people originally from the area that leaves in other parts of Nigeria will be called to their new country for census.

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